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Two blocks are made per month, and the swap partners are allocated in the middle of each month

Friday, September 9, 2011

Spare swappers put your hands up

In the 12 inch swap group, I have a good number of members willing to take on an extra swap per month if we have an odd number swapping, or if a newby joins up after the partners are allocated.

However in this group, I only have myself and the lovely Coralie with their hands up to take on an extra swap when needed.  So before I prepare the swaps for September (will be sent next weekend), It would be lovely if I can have a few more ladies willing to do an extra swap now and then.  I will share this around so it would not be every month.

Looking forward to hearing from you - email me

Quilted hugs, Sue


  1. I will do extra swaps - on my profile for the group.

  2. I will do extra swap too if needed, since I prefer little blocks.

  3. sue .. i tried to email you ... to say put me on your list .. but the email bounced back .. i used the link so not sure what is going on ... thought i would let you know tho ..
    hugs ..

  4. oh i see what it is ... you have added the word .. swaps .. into the addie .. and it should not be there ...