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Two blocks are made per month, and the swap partners are allocated in the middle of each month

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September swaps sent + look at my August blocks

Hi Ladies, I have just completed sending out the 6 inch swap partners for September, with 21 ladies participating this month I would like to thank Sharon from NY for being my double swap queen.

I have had two new member enquiries, but as yet not sure if they want to join the 6 or 12 inch group (maybe both), so there could be the opportunity for two more extra swaps.  Thank you to all that have volunteered to do this, I have 9 of you, and will share this around.  So even if we only have one spare swap per month it will be 9 months before you all have had a chance for a double swap. 

Here are the lovely blocks I have received from Jolanda from Portugal who was my August swap partner.  They will fit in perfectly with my planned quilt. Jolanda also sent me some lovely tea that was grown on the island where she lives, but I drank it before I took a photos (whoops), it was delicious. :)


  1. I'm happy that you got them so fast and that you like them:)

  2. I love this star block pattern and so striking in those colors.