Thinking of joining ? or would like some information on how the group runs, simply email me (Sue ) at

Two blocks are made per month, and the swap partners are allocated in the middle of each month

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Welcome to our new group -REGISTER NOW TO JOIN

Register now to join this group. 

Registration is open to ALL members of group 1 and 2 quilting block swaps Australia and Christmas quilting block swaps Australia.  You can elect to make one or two swaps per month. (unless this gets to complicated and then it will change to the most popular option).

1. Email me to
2. Name and postal address (if you are a member of group 1 I have this)
3. How many blocks you want to make per month (1 or 2 ).
4. Your block style
5. Your colour choice

The first swap will commence mid March 2011, and swap partners will be sent out in the middle of each month so its a few weeks clear of the standard and Christmas swaps.

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  1. I just emailed off my information. This sounds like fun!